Wednesday, 27 April 2011

cushion covers are done!

i made some cute new covers for my couch cushions.  they are just simple pillow case style, but i may add a couple of press-studs to the flap to make it look a bit neater!

i played around with my sewing machine, combined the overcasting-foot and the overcasting-stitch to neaten all of the seams.  it took me a while but i think it will help the cushion covers to last a lot longer and stay looking neat.  i really need to get my overlocker serviced so that i can use it!

the main fabric is looks like a mix between denim and linen, and i used some fabric left over from my couch quilt to add the off-center stripe.


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!!

i hope that you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

I'm sorry bunny, but I just HAD to....

the eating of Easter eggs has started at my house...

my table runner has arrived at it's destination so i can now share photos!  it was a fun little project - my initial idea came from a photo that i saw in a magazine and i altered it to suit the fabrics that i had and the size that my swap partner requested.  i think it fits the "spring" theme nicely!


and i have also delved into the world of yeast baking, and made some delicious cinnamon rolls late one evening (i found the recipe here) i decided to use a drizzle of icing rather than the glaze that the recipe suggested.

i used this conversion table to change the USA measurements to Aussie ones

next time i think i will add a little more yeast to the recipe and reduce the amount of cinnamon filling by half, i also think that the mix may rise a little higher if i make them during the day - rather than on a cold evening!!