Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

May 2010 be the year that your dreams come true!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

apocketfullofmysteries - raising cane - top done!!

Well, I finished the top last night - but I wanted to wait until daylight to get a photo.....

It is quite a striking color combination in the center and the cowboy teddy bears make a perfect border. One of the narrow red borders is a different fabric, because I ran out of the original red fabric. The blue background and the teddy fabric is all gone (save for a few scraps).

Monday, 28 December 2009

apocketfullofmysteries - raising cane - step 12

The center has been together for a little while (and it is quite striking).

I have been playing with border options. I am going to use the "bonus triangles" that were created as I sewed this mystery, along with the focus fabric and some more of the yellow and red.

apocketfullofmysteries - raising cane - clue 11

"D blocks" are done - and I still can't figure out what this quilt will look like! Next step is assembly....

apocketfullofmysteries - raising cane - clue 10

"C blocks"

a pocketfullofmysteries - raising cane - clue 9

"B blocks"

apocketfullofmysteries - rasing cane - clue 8

"A blocks"

apocketfullofmysteries - raising cane - clue 7

apocketfullofmysteries - raising cane - clue 6

Lunch break

I'm taking a lunch break (and watching Oprah).

I was reading Judy's blog, and had to laugh - her dog Speck loves her central heating vents as much as my dog does....

apocketfullofmysteries - raising cane - clue 5


apocketfullofmsyteries - raising cane - clue 4

clue 4 was quick!

apocketfullofmysteries - raising cane - clue 3

I've had a cuppa, lunch is in the oven AND clue 3 is done!

apocketfullofmysteries - raising cane - clue 2

cutting is DONE!

Back at it....

My sewing machine and I have reacquainted ourselves!

My Mum and I made a quilt for a close friend of hers who was diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas, she is scheduled to go in for surgery just after the new year and I decided that she needed a quilt to keep her spirits up - so Mum came up to my place and we sewed up a storm.

This was my first time using the Quick Strippie quilt pattern from MaryQuilts - it was fun, easy, quick and I think it looks great (oh, and the recipient LOVES her new quilt).

The quilting was fairly simple - I quilted over the seam lines using the "snake stitch" on my machine (the owls are too cute to sew over and because the wadding is poly I didn't need to quilt it too much), and the binding is completely done my machine.

This quilt is the perfect size for a knee/snuggle quilt (click on the photo to make it bigger):

And a close up to show the CUTE fabric that we used (the recipient loves owls):

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!!

May the Christmas season

bring you abundant
joy, love and happiness

May the New Year bring
peace and fulfilled dreams

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

I got mail!

Look what has arrived in my mail box in the past couple of weeks (MUCH more fun than the bills that usually come lol)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I miss my sewing machine

My house has been in disarray for the last couple of weeks (due to the new windows!) and I haven't been able to sew for AGES.... but my sewing room is finally almost back to normal and I am planning on swing a couple of postcards for a swap YAY!

I am also planning to join in with the Boxing day mystery at apocketfullofmysteries, I have found these fabrics in my stash and I know that it will be fun!

And the NYE mystery at FabricaholicsAnonymous, I did a mystery quilt NYE 2008 and it was a GREAT way to spend my NYE! I just LOVE Christmas but I turn into a scrooge for New Years - all of the drunk people out and about on NYE just irritate me (and no, I'm not old - just sick of disappointing NYE parties!) once again, these fabrics are from my stash:

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Finally a quilting photo!

Well, I finally got Dad to hold my "International round robin" quilt up so I could get a nice photo (click on the photo to make it bigger)....

Center - Bear applique - by Viki (Australia)

On point and pieced border - triangles from pretty pink dot fabric and then pieced pink flowers - by Amber (Alaska, USA)

Squares - Winnie the Pooh fabric and brown squares - by Chrissie (Cambridge, England)

Triangles - green triangles for trees (using the previous border as tree trunks) with a blue sky background - by Gunn (Norway)

Applique border - fussy cut hearts on pink alternating with some more of the pink dot fabric - by Julie (California, USA)

Triangles - bright yellow suns (mariner's compass blocks) in each corner - by Karrie (Alaska, USA)

The ladies have decided that the theme of this quilt is "teddy bear's picnic" and I think it is just PERFECT

New window - lounge room

Another weekend, another window...


AFTER, yes it is a bit smaller!

This window gets the HOT Aussie afternoon sun and even with the sun blind my lounge room would get HOT in the afternoons (even on a mild day).

Don't worry the new window is 2.8meters long so it is still a large window, just not excessively large (like it used to be)

I have ordered a new sun blind, but the manufactures aren't taking any more orders prior to Christmas. The pretty new blind will be here in February.

Dad will put some insulation in and re-plaster the internal walls tomorrow (Monday) and hopefully I can get some undercoat on the walls on Tuesday. Might get some color on the walls after work this week - hopefully! Then I can put the curtains up again next weekend

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Window - front bedroom

Before - sorry the quality isn't great

After (mmmmmm, nice!) I still have to paint the new weatherboards and patch the nail holes. The new window is a bit smaller than the old one, but it looks lots better and more in proportion!

Windows - Dining room

Before (uuuuuuggly mission brown and rotting wood)

After (pretty cream colorbond frames and and blue trim)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Not much sewing going on here

I'm too busy putting new windows in at my place!

Dining room window was last weekend, today (and tomorrow) I am getting a new window in my sewing room/office..... YAY! I will be able to open it without fear of spiders entering (old one didnt have flyscreens) and I wont need to remember to close the window before I can open the front door (the old window swung outwards when it was open AND it was right where the front door opened!)

Will post photos as soon as the weather fines up - there is too much rain for me to venture out to take a photo.

I have made a postcard or two for a couple of swaps that I am in... I can show you this one because it has already made it to its final destination. I used a silver metallic thread to zig-zag around the edges and it was a big PITA, the thread was breaking every inch or so (and I was using a special needle for metallic threads) I ended up sewing VERY slowly and it looks nice but I wont be using that thread in the machine again.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Molly's quilt

Here are a couple of photos of a quilt that I recently finished for a friend's daughter as a christening gift.

It was finished with minutes to spare - I put the last stitches in the quilt label 5 minutes before I had to leave for the christening!

I love the pattern that the quilting creates on the back of the quilt.

I used a combination of machine stitching in-the-ditch and hand stitched butterfly motifs (using perle thread) in the center of the octagons

This was last years New Years Eve mystery quilt at FabricaholicsAnonymous - they are hosting another mystery this New Years Eve and I am really looking forward to it!

I LOVE my postie!

They bring the nicest parcels to me!

Here is a sneak peek at the parcel that arrived at my place this afternoon... a full photo will have to wait until I can get my Dad to hold the quilt for me!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Handmade clothing

A friend of mine (through work) has started a small business making BEAUTIFUL handmade clothing for sale.

Kerry of MyOneBrownMouse sells her creations through Made It, be sure to visit!

Friday, 20 November 2009

NYE Mystery quilt - fabric choices

Here are my choices for the 2009 NYE mystery quilt at FabricaholicsAnonymous:

Focus fabric: candy cane/ribbon/holly on off-white
Light: beige/cream tone-on-tone
Dark: black print
Medium 1: red
Medium 2: dark green

More fabric...

Patchwork Products is having a SALE!

Here's what they have to say on their website about the specials:

Patchwork Products is having a November Sale
There will be

$2 per metre off all fabrics
50c off all fat Quarters
$1 per metre off all waddings
$1 per metre off all homespuns,muslins
10% off all scrap bags and kits
Fabrics from $4 per metre

(During the sale: the normal prices will be displayed on the website but the total cost for online orders will be adjusted before your payment is processed)

I recently ordered two fat-quarter rolls from them (one beige roll and one white roll). My stash was lacking in neutral colors so when I got the email from Patchwork Products saying that they were having a sale and that they also had packs of 10 fat-quarters in a variety of colors and styles for AU$20 I jumped at the chance to expand my range of neutrals! Postage for my 20 fat-quarters was only AU$6 and the customer service was EXCELLENT.

Here is a photo of my lovely fabrics (and yes there is only 9 beige fabrics - I have already used 1!!)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

There's a new mystery coming....

For those of you out there who like mystery quilts FabricaholicsAnonymous will soon be hosting their annual New Years Eve mystery (fabric requirements are already posted). I did the 2008 NYE mystery quilt and it was GREAT! I am gathering my fabrics and eager to join again in this year.

Membership to the group will close from 15th December 2009 to 1st February 2010, so if you are interested in in being a part of the mystery - join the group soon!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Reading Binge

I love reading and tend to have regular reading "binges" - I will read a few books in a short stretch of time then not read another book for weeks! My recent reads have been....

"Dead and Gone" by Charlaine Harris

"One More Bite" by Jennifer Rardin

"Demon Mistress" by Yasmine Galenorn

"Bone Crossed" by Patricia Briggs

"Redemption Alley" by Lilith Saintcrow

Sunday, 8 November 2009

More QAYG blocks

Now all of my blocks are done - I have used all of the embroidered carousel horses. I think they are looking pretty cute!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Friday, 6 November 2009

Another day, another parcel (or two!)

Mmmmm, two more lovely parcels arrived from the USA yesterday. The first one was from Sew Mama Sew, all cute and wrapped with a bow:

Just look at these cute little fishes....

And the second parcel was from Fabric Indulgence and Art Supply:

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sewing again

Yay! I'm feeling better and am looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.

I got some sewing done yesterday;

- first was a couple of pillow cases for the dog beds (much easier to wash a cover than the whole pillow!)

- second was sorting out my string basket into colors

- third was a couple of liberated log cabin blocks. The center of each is a machine embroidered carousel horse (each is a different design), and I surrounded them with logs from my string basket that coordinated with the embroidery color. I still have a few more of these to sew, then I will make them into a wallhanging

I have decided to send my leftover strings to a friend to make into Heartstring quilts (for charity). I figure that by the time I am ready to use the rest of these strings I will have another basket of them!!

I am very glad that the Stashbuster no-buy year is finished because I have been doing a bit of online shopping in the USA lately (our exchange rate is really good at the moment!)

I first of my parcels arrived this morning, this one was from Tennessee Quilts, the fabrics are from the "Forest Fun" range by Robert Kaufman and the "Mackenzie" range by Anna Griffin:

Sunday, 1 November 2009

I've been SICK

I had a bad bout of gastro Friday evening - I was miserable and very glad when the anti-nausea drugs started to work. Saturday I felt like I had a bad hangover, today I have been a bit lethargic and VERY thirsty. I will be glad when I am feeling back to my normal healthy self....

Monday, 26 October 2009

Display idea

A lady on Stashbusters was asking how we display fabric postcards.... I have a swag of ribbon on the wall in my sewing room and I have pegged the postcards up with mini pegs, I think it looks pretty cute!