Friday, 31 December 2010

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #17

all done... it has been finished for hours, but i took a while to post the photo!  the color combination is lovely and i am happy with how the finished top is looking - even if it isn't my normal color choices

and my little quilt helper in the corner of the photo!

i decided to put this quilt on the couch to take a photo, when i stood back i realised that this quilt will be perfect on my couch in the lounge room.  the walls are a very pale khaki color and the couch is a medium green - very similar to the colors in the quilt

a slight interuption

i had a slight interruption to my sewing (click on the photos to make them bigger)....

we have had extreme heat today (38degC) and very strong winds all day.

soon after lunch the power went off, i checked the switch box (all ok) so i assumed it was a tree down or a fire that had interrupted the power.  then i heard a chainsaw and looked out my front window to see a police officer directing traffic.  well, sticky-beak that i am, i had to head out to the street to see what was happening (and yes i took my camera with me!!)

turns out that the wind had blown down a tree, which covered the road and the SES (state emergency services) were working hard to clear the road.  about an hour later we had power again, a blessing on this HOT day.

now, back to sewing

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #11 and #12

four block D's and 12 block E's
and that is the last of the blocks!! next step it to assemble this into a top

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #13

four block F's.... my last clue for tonight, because i am off to bed

Thursday, 30 December 2010

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #14, #15, #16

and yes, i am doing these last few clues in the wrong order!

one block G, one block I and three block H's

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #8, #9, #10

one block A, three block B's and one block C

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #7

22 border units are all done...

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #6

49 sashing units are done...

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #5

30 "hug" blocks are done...

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #4

22 cute little flying geese are made (using both the companion angle and the easy angle rulers)...
 have printed off clue #5 and will start on it tomorrow

now, off to bed to read my book.

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #3

49 quarter-square triangles (hourglass blocks)...

made using the companion angle (another ruler that i haven't used before), i do like this ruler and i look forward to using it again

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #2

120 half-square triangles later and i have finished sewing clue #2

this was my first time using the "easy angle" ruler - it was easy and i think i will use this method to make half-square triangles again

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #1

cutting is all done...

Monday, 27 December 2010

apocketfulofmysteries - clue #1 is mostly done

i spent yesterday catching up on some jobs that got put on the back burner during December, and i also managed to clean up my sewing room - it had turned into a festive dumping ground!!

today i decide to relax and start on the current apocketfulofmysteries Christmas mystery quilt (called "hugs and kisses"), my fabric choices are here

all of the strips for clue #1 are cut, next step is some sub-cutting. 

now i am off for a slightly belated Christmas catch up with a friend, but i should be able to finish off the cutting when i get back, and maybe start on clue #2 tonight

Saturday, 25 December 2010

It's Christmas Day in Australia...

the festive season has really slowed my blogging down this year!  i hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas (however you celebrate) and a relaxing new year!!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

And another mystery quilt

Dorothy from apocketfulofmysteries has posted the fabric requirements for her annual Christmas mystery quit, this year the quilt is called "hugs and kisses".  my fabric drawers are VERY full at the moment (i inherited some fabric when a friend passed away recently) so i decided to join in.

the mystery is a 2 color quilt and we can use scraps or yardage.  my green/blue drawer is almost overflowing so i decided to use some dark green fat quarters as the main fabric for the mystery quilt, the other fabric was in my neutral drawer and looks great with the scrappy greens.
if you have been following my blog for a while you will have noticed that this color combination is quite unusual for me, as i tend to use strong colors and striking color combinations.  i am looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone!

P.S. now that summer has finally arrived, i thought it was time for a color change on my blog!

Friday, 3 December 2010