Sunday, 21 February 2010

Attention Aussies...

Do you have an ugly???
(an ugly fat-quarter!)

Fiona at Mother's Cupboard is hosting a swap and it sounds like fun! I'm going to sort through my stash to find just the right (or is that wrong? lol) fabric for the swap!

I've also signed up for the new postcard swap at Stashbusters, the theme is "flowers" and I already have a couple of ideas and I am looking forward to playing around with postcards again.

And I've decided to join in with the "Spring" swap of cat themed blocks over at PrettyKittyBlockSwappers, no ideas for this one yet but I am sure that if I look through my folder of kitty blocks I can find one that will suit.

There's been more painting at my place today (are you sick of hearing about it yet?)...
- a second coat on the house, and it looks like we will need to do a third coat to cover the new boards :-(
- the first coat on the eaves (one more coat to go!)
- the first coat on the verandah (one more coat to go!)
- a coat of paint on the face of the window frames

With every swish of the brush the house looks nicer, we get closer to finished and I just keep thinking how NICE my house is looking!

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