Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fun with zips and ribbon

earlier in the week i found a wonderful new (to me) website, Craft Passion, it has some great tutorials.  i fell in love with the zip pouches

mum and i spent a couple of hours this afternoon stitching away. making Zip-its...they are a little fiddly, and the instructions could do with a little tweaking to make a couple of steps clearer, but mum and i muddled on through...

if you decide to make this bag, here are a couple of tips...
- use 21" of ribbon with a 20" zipper (and i would suggest using ribbon that is 5/8" wide)
- leave 1" of ribbon loose (unsewn) before the starting dot.  this gives you enough ribbon to tuck in and get a neat finish.
- don't sew your ribbon close to the zipper teeth (leave a gap, as shown in the photo above), mum found out the hard way that not doing so will give you a very small bag!


  1. Cute. Have seen this done in a cylinder too. Too much fenangeling for my chubby fingers to cope with.

  2. Looks great Viki....I put that on the Freebies blog too cause I thought it was so nifty...well done...will have to give it a go...any extra tips? Hugs Khris


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