Tuesday, 2 October 2012

these guys just keep getting cuter

some progress has been made on my little ladies, the pink girl is ready to be stuffed and the blue girl isn't far behind ...

pattern is from AGirlinRedBoots at Etsy 
and  the lovely Lindsey at Green Beans n Strings makes my made by/care labels (as seen on the side of this doll)

my apologies to anyone who would like to comment on this post... i tried turning off word verification for a couple of days, but the number of "spam" comments i received was excessive.  so i have had to turn word verification back on.  why do these spammers feel the need to make life difficult for everyone else??

on a more personal note, i wish that i had the energy to spend more time sewing and posting here -  i love seeing bits of fabric turn into wonderful (and often useful) items.  sadly two years of unsuccessful fertility treatments has taken a toll, one that i wasn't expecting when i started trying to make my dream of having a family come true.

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