Sunday, 9 June 2013

a sunny day in my winter garden

well, my sewing room is renovated and starting to look gorgeous but for the moment my interests have been diverted by a large pile of books and my garden!

it is a lovely sunny day here (despite being only 14degC !) so i thought i take advantage of the weather and spend some time updating things...

a cute stack of pots, planted with dutch irises and violas (i got the idea from here)

and a new garden arch to grow some sweet peas on - i am looking forward to having a scented arch to walk under in a couple of months time...
my dad built me a planter box to replace the tatty pots on my verandah - i planted it with an ornamental grape vine, dutch irises, species gladioli, white crocus and silver dichondra

the other pot on my verandah got a freshen up too
there are a couple of other areas in the garden that need a freshen up too, so i am hoping my motivation sticks around for a bit longer!!


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