Saturday, 31 July 2010

Craft and Quilt Fair - Melbourne

Here are a couple of photos of the treasures that came home with me from the Craft and Quilt Fair last Sunday...
Again, my photos aren't that great.  No plans for the Bali Pops as yet but I am sure that I will find something fun to do with them!  The variegated threads are a bit of a weakness of mine, I just have to buy them and I love using them for quilting.

I also bought a gorgeous pattern and Monica Poole's new book "Quilt as You Go" (they are coming in the mail as they were all sold out) from Margaret's Fabrics

Oh and my quilting mojo seems to have returned - I have finished the quilting on my "Summer Lemonade" quilt, I just need to trim it to size and bind it. 

The cat is currently checking the quality of my workmanship

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  1. Hi Viki,

    Love your vivid blog and quilt colors!!



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