Friday, 31 December 2010

a slight interuption

i had a slight interruption to my sewing (click on the photos to make them bigger)....

we have had extreme heat today (38degC) and very strong winds all day.

soon after lunch the power went off, i checked the switch box (all ok) so i assumed it was a tree down or a fire that had interrupted the power.  then i heard a chainsaw and looked out my front window to see a police officer directing traffic.  well, sticky-beak that i am, i had to head out to the street to see what was happening (and yes i took my camera with me!!)

turns out that the wind had blown down a tree, which covered the road and the SES (state emergency services) were working hard to clear the road.  about an hour later we had power again, a blessing on this HOT day.

now, back to sewing

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