Sunday, 30 January 2011

"Miss Prudence" and my new resident

here is a couple of photos of my latest softie, i still need to make her clothes but i couldn't resist posting some nudie photos!!  the pattern is - "Miss Prudence" from Australian Homespun Vol.11 no.8

and her cute little tail....

for a few weeks now i have been hearing noises in my wall (and i was pretty sure that it was a possum), i finally managed to convince my Dad to remove a weatherboard from the house... here is what we found at the bottom of the wall cavity
yep, that's a brush-tail possum.  i have set a trap and hope to catch it soon.  it is a sad fact that possums cannot be relocated (they are very territorial), so this one will be going on a one way trip to the vet - it makes me sad that this is my only option and this is not something that i am happy about doing but this possum has already caused damage to my house and i am worried that it will nibble on a wire up in the roof (which could possibly cause a fire).

let me be clear that i am not anti-possum... i also have a resident possum in a disused chimney at my place (the fireplace was removed and the chimney was plastered over a long time ago).  my chimney-possum hasn't caused any damage (other than eating some of the garden) and cannot access the house (just the chimney) which means that he and i have lived in harmony for many years - i am actually quite fond of him

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