Sunday, 2 January 2011

NYE mystery - quilt top

the top is all together, the binding is ready and i am in the process of making the back.  i like to get the binding and backing ready so that when i bag this quilt up (to go in my "quilting" pile) it is all ready to go - all i need to add is wadding and thread... this helps to stop me procrastinating! 

i add a row to the top and bottom of the quilt to finish off the pattern and to make it rectangular.   i decided against adding a row to each of the sides because i didn't want the quilt to be too big (and it would have been wider than the fabrics that i want to use as the backing (i will post a photo of the backing later today)

let me apologise in advance for my poor photography skills - the quilt is bright and cheerful in person (not as drab as the photo makes it seem) and the yellow fabric has glitter in it.


  1. I love the fabric choices!! That is a wonderful quilt!

  2. Sue's right, but I'm sending you my address to mail it to me when you are finished. I'll even pay the really is wonderful.


  3. I'm reading your posts backwards. OOOH! I wish I had thought of adding the row at the top. And, Our quilts are really twinsies. This was a very satisfying mystery and I like being nearly done. Yours looks wonderful. I'm hoping to finish the border today. And, start on the backing. Hum, should I put in the mini rows? Decisions, decisions.


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