Thursday, 3 November 2011

my stash...

hi, I'm Viki and i have a generous fabric stash!
my stash goes from the palest to the darkest shades,

i have spots, stripes, florals, novelties and tone-on-tones... but what i dont have is PLAIN fabric!  the only plain fabric that i own is calico (a cheap, plain, slightly nobbly, neutral colored fabric - i know that in other parts of the world "calico" is an entirely different sort of fabric!) which i use to make dolls

i have a few fat-quarters, but these days i tend to buy a minimum of 50cm. 

i dont do a lot with scraps but i do keep some for applique, and i have a small drawer (at the top of the dresser) that has strips/strings sorted by color

i also have a drawer of non-cotton fabrics (tulle, lace, corduroy, polar fleece etc)

what do you have in your stash? is there anything that avoid? what is your fabric weakness?

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