Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I miss my sewing machine

My house has been in disarray for the last couple of weeks (due to the new windows!) and I haven't been able to sew for AGES.... but my sewing room is finally almost back to normal and I am planning on swing a couple of postcards for a swap YAY!

I am also planning to join in with the Boxing day mystery at apocketfullofmysteries, I have found these fabrics in my stash and I know that it will be fun!

And the NYE mystery at FabricaholicsAnonymous, I did a mystery quilt NYE 2008 and it was a GREAT way to spend my NYE! I just LOVE Christmas but I turn into a scrooge for New Years - all of the drunk people out and about on NYE just irritate me (and no, I'm not old - just sick of disappointing NYE parties!) once again, these fabrics are from my stash:

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