Sunday, 6 December 2009

New window - lounge room

Another weekend, another window...


AFTER, yes it is a bit smaller!

This window gets the HOT Aussie afternoon sun and even with the sun blind my lounge room would get HOT in the afternoons (even on a mild day).

Don't worry the new window is 2.8meters long so it is still a large window, just not excessively large (like it used to be)

I have ordered a new sun blind, but the manufactures aren't taking any more orders prior to Christmas. The pretty new blind will be here in February.

Dad will put some insulation in and re-plaster the internal walls tomorrow (Monday) and hopefully I can get some undercoat on the walls on Tuesday. Might get some color on the walls after work this week - hopefully! Then I can put the curtains up again next weekend

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