Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The confession continues...

I spent my "bonus day off" (Friday) updating my quilty scrapbook... it is almost up-to-date.

New resolution for 2010:
"scrapbook about each project as it is finished"

I don't do anything fancy in my quilty scrapbook - a couple of photos of the project and a little bit of writing and the page is done. But I think it is nice to look back and see all of the quilts/dolls/pincushions/postcards/etc that I have made... it makes me smile

I also went to the local fabric store and bought some pale mottled blue fabric and iron on pellon so that I can start stitching that cute little octopus. I searched my stash and didn't have anything that would suit so I gave myself permission to BUY some - and I was good, I only bought enough for this project. I will raid my Mum's stash of fine crochet cotton for the threads that I need - I have a few threads but Mum has LOTS! I shouldn't need to buy any thread.

I have finally decided on a pattern for Christine's memory quilt (from her Mother's clothing). It is going to be based on a similar pattern to the one I made for her son (photos below). Sam's memory quilt just has clothing as I wanted him to be able to use the quilt, the quilt for Christine will have photos and applique as it will be a wall hanging.


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