Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Waifs and Strays

Hmmm, lately I have been attracting "stray" animals.

Late Saturday night (11.10pm to be exact) I was happily vegging out in front of the TV when there was a knock at my door (thoughts of "who the heck would be at my door at this time of the night?" ran through my head), I went to investigate and found 2 teenage girls on my doorstep with a kitten (yes, I thought this was a little odd!) they explained that they were headed down the street for a night out and that the kitten had been following them and they were worried that it would follow them all the way down the street. Soft touch that I am, I agreed to look after the kitten.

Well, I couldn't just put her outside after the girls had left (I was worried that something would happen to her). She was a little sweetie and very friendly and house-trained, so I knew that someone would be missing her.

Sunday morning I went door knocking and found her home quite quickly. Needless to say, her young owner was VERY happy to see her! Here she is (and no, she doesn't have a tail, just a little fluffy stump)

3.51am Tuesday (yes, VERY early in the morning) I was woken by a very excited dog, some clattering and the light in my lounge room coming on.

Don't worry, it wasn't a burglar BUT it was a POSSUM. And one of my dogs REALLY wanted to "play" with said possum (don't worry the possum didn't get hurt, but it did loose some fur).

This is what was left behind after my Dad caught the possum and took it out to the golf course that is across the road from my house...

Yes, I called in the cavalry (my Dad) to catch the possum - I'm just not brave enough!

Oh, and you are wondering how the possum turned on the light? My light switches are on the door frames and the possum had climbed up one of the door frames to escape the dog, and as he was sliding down (walls just don't have much grip!) he flicked on the light. It was a "funniest home videos" moment but I just wasn't fast enough with the camera!

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