Sunday, 21 November 2010

Disappearing 9-patch (the final post!)

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in continuation of my series of posts on D9P blocks;  Disappearing 9 Patch - variation on a theme;  Disappearing 9 Patch - layout ideas  here is my final post on D9P blocks 



-  cut a square of fabric the same size as the D9P block (after your 9 patch has been quartered)
-  draw a line from corner to corner on your plain square
-  place your plain square on top of a D9P block (right sides together)
-  using the line as a guide, sew 1/4 inch seam down each side of the line
-  cut apart on the line
-  press your block (seam goes towards the plain square)
- you should have 2 different blocks
play around with the layout!


  1. This has some interesting possibilities! I have found the best split 9 patch is made with two sets of fabric.

    Marsha in Texas

  2. Looking forward to seeing an entire quilt done like this!

  3. This is interesting. D9P is my favorite kind of quilt. Thanks for the tute.

  4. I love making D9P quilts. Thanks for sharing a great way to add to the possibilities of this great technique.


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