Sunday, 21 November 2010

There's a new mystery quilt...

Ann is hosting another New Year's Eve mystery quilt at Fabricaholicsanonymous.  i LOVE Ann's mystery quilts, so i am really looking forward to this one (my 3rd NYE mystery with Ann)

i have a personal rule for mystery quilts - if i want to join in, i need to find all of the fabric required in my stash!  so this morning i printed out the NYE mystery quilt requirements list and searched my stash for the perfect group of fabrics:
FOCUS - colored squares
POP - yellow glitter
BACKGROUND - white with little colored dots
MEDIUM - aqua

i also found the courage to finally add the purse feet to my  multi-tasker tote - they were a bit fiddly, but i am really happy that i put them in

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  1. Wonderful colors bright bold way to start the New year!


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