Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Grampians, Victoria, Australia

on my way home from my retreat in Halls Gap (Victoria, Australia) i decided to be a tourist and stopped in a few places to admire the beautiful place that i live in.

firstly we have a view from the front of the building i was staying in Halls Gap (taken in the morning)
 and the view from the back of the building i was staying in (also taken in the morning)

on the drive home...

earlier in the year there were some land slips that closed the road for 9 months.  they have been stabilised and the road has been repaired but it is still an impressive sight. 

this is where the major slip started (there were also 3 smaller ones).
and here is where it ended up, over the other side of the road...


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  1. Great pics. Awesome views. This is one of hubbies fav camping spots, well up the road a bit at Wartook.
    Hope the retreat was good.


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