Thursday, 25 August 2011

selvedges (aka my current project)

i was lucky enough to attend a quilting retreat last weekend (i organise it for my quilting group every year), so i had the pleasure of sewing (with no cooking or cleaning for the whole weekend!!) from Friday afternoon to Monday lunchtime... pure BLISS

my current project is a selvedge quilt.  i have been collecting them for a looooong time!  i didn't spend my whole weekend on the quilt, i sewed selvedges till i ran out of iron-on interfacing!!  the triangles aren't sewn together yet but i couldn't resist taking a photo of my blocks...

after much consideration (and debate amongst the other retreat attendees!) i have decided to call it "salvaged" and i am hoping to finish it in time for our exhibition in October 2012

i used this tutorial to guide me but i did a couple of things differently...
- i used a light-weight fusible interfacing instead of sewing onto paper, this means i can leave it in and it helps to stabilise the block
- i ironed the kite into place then put the first selvedge right side down and sewed it on using a 1/4" seam.  i pressed it open and layered the remainder of my selvedges for the triangle, once all of the selvedges were ironed in place i moved to the sewing machine and top stitched them down
- using this process has saved me a lot of time!!

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  1. Great idea about the iron on interfacing! Thanks for sharing!


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