Wednesday, 26 May 2010

They decided to share!

This photo was taken the evening before i finished binding my newest quilt:

freshly washed and just just out of the dryer (i had to remove all of that cat fur somehow!)

And it is going to live right here, on the rocking chair in my sewing room:
EDITED - i just went on a search and confirmed that this was a mystery quilt posted at fabricaholicsanonymous in August 2009 and was created by Ann M. Smith


  1. what a great piece of eye candy to cheer your day when you are in the sewing room. I have a couple of quilts that just have to hang out and spend time with me, they eventually will get gifted but for now they are in my 'collection' great job cheryl

  2. Vicki -- Congratulations on the finish. Hum, Did I make this quilt too? I have no idea -- it doesn't look like any that I did but I am fairly sure I made her summer project. I'll have to poke around in the ufos (or maybe it's finished and looks so different from mine!) I love how bright and cheery it looks. Nice job!

  3. Vicki!
    that is a beautiful quilt!

    hugz, Pam

  4. I love the colors you had chosen. They really stand up and make for a beautiful quilt. I hope I have the pattern saved.

  5. I absolutely love this quilt. You use such beautiful, happy colors!!! I will have to see if I have this pattern or see if Ann has it for sale.


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