Sunday, 31 October 2010

Multi-tasker Tote

i spent today working on my "multi-tasker tote" by Anna Maria, it's been cut out for a while and i finally started sewing it last sunday.

i used a laminated cotton on the exterior of the bag and regular cotton fabric for the pockets and interior.  the laminated cotton was a pleasure to sew (i bought a nice new non-slip foot for my sewing machine) and it is so lovely and soft

it's nearly done, just the finishing touches left - a button on a pocket, a cute flower to pin on the front, some bag feet to add and sew up the turning hole.

it's a cute bag but the instructions aren't as good as i am used to (i wouldn't recommend the pattern to a beginner), i am glad that i have made a few bags or i would have been lost!!

i added:
- a zipped pocket to the inside
- a button closure to the patch pocket
- a magnetic closure to the top
- some metal bag feet
- a cute flower pin to decorate the outside (still in the process of being made!)

i also used a different method to add the bag floor (this tutorial is the one that i used) the bag pattern directed me to iron the peltex (bag floor) to the lining and exterior, i wasn't confident that this method would be durable in the long term.  the method shown in this tutorial just looks a bit more durable/practical

will post photos as soon as it is finished!

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