Sunday, 9 December 2012

all skirted

and here she is in all her skirted glory...

and a close up of the skirt
it was looking a little boring till i decided to add the strips over the seam lines.  i may add some red to the edge of the skirt, but for now i am enjoying seeing it under my tree!

i heavily starched the dot fabric prior to cutting some 3/4" strips (on the straight-grain) and running them through my 9mm clover bias maker.  my karisma glue pen was the perfect way to hold them in place while i stitched the top of the tree skirt to the back of the tree skirt, then i used a long zig-zag stitch down the centre of each strip to hold them in place permanently (this also quilted the top and back of the tree skirt together)

anyone interested in a tutorial showing how i made this cute tree skirt??

Fabric info...
the dot fabric has been in my stash for a while and it doesn't have any info on the selvedge so i am not sure what range it is from.  the Christmas tree print is a Riley Blake print "Christmas Candy" by Doodlebug design.  the diamond print is "flurry" by Kate Spain for Moda.  both of the green prints were picked up cheaply at a post-Christmas sale earlier this year.

tutorial is here...


  1. That is very cute Vicki and I agree that the red strips really do make it pop. I vote for red around the edge - when the time allows!! tutorial would be great if you get enough saying yes.

  2. Lovely skirt for the tree -well done, and thanks for the tip about the cheap cutting boards!

  3. tutorial please. I love the tree skirt

  4. Very pretty. I would love to read your tutorial


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