Thursday, 20 December 2012

christmas tree skirt - tutorial - part 2 (fabrics etc)

photos of the tree skirt are here
christmas tree skirt - tutorial - part 1 can be found here

there are a few choices to be made today... fabric combinations and trims so it should be lots of fun!

we will be cutting 12 wedges of fabric for the top of the tree skirt and another 12 wedges for the back; this means that there are a lot of possible fabric combinations.  some options are...
- 1 fabric for the top (all 12 wedges would be cut from the same fabric)
- 2 fabrics for the top (6 wedges from each fabric) this is the option i chose for my first tree skirt
- 3 fabrics for the top (4 wedges from each fabric)
- 4 fabrics for the top (3 wedges from each fabric)
- 6 fabrics for the top (2 wedges from each fabric) i will use 6 fabrics this time
- 12 fabrics for the top (1 wedge from each fabric)

once you have decided how many fabrics you want to use on the top of your Christmas tree skirt, you can then make a similar decision for the back of your tree skirt - this is your chance to decide if you want your Christmas tree skirt to be reversible or if you would prefer a plain back (i have chosen a plain back).

i am going with a red/white theme this time - the black/green/red holly fabric may become seam covering strips or i may decide to use some ribbon or rick-rack (i will audition my options when i have pieced the top of the tree skirt together)
the yardage that you need of each fabric will depend on how many fabrics you are using.  as an example - i can cut 2 of my wedges from a fat 1/8th, and i can cut 8 wedges from a 16" width-of-fabric strip of non-directional fabric (from my 6 red/white fat quarters i have been able to cut enough wedges for the front and back of my tree skirt, a total of 24 wedges)

you can either decide what you are going to use to cover your seams now (or you can wait and audition your options once you have pieced the top of your tree skirt).  you have a lot of choices - rick-rack, bias tape, home-made straight-grain strips (using a bias tape maker), ribbon etc.  here are some of the choices that i will be auditioning later...
you will need enough to cover the 12 seam lines - in my case each seam line is 14 1/2" (including seam allowance) you may also like to use this trim around the outside of your tree skirt

if you would like to make your own seam covering strips, you will need to heavily starch your fabric in preparation.  i cut a square of fabric 14 1/2" x 20", so that i would have enough to make the seam covering strips and to trim around the outside of the skirt.  heavily spray your seam covering fabric on both sides with a good quality starch (i use the "crisp" brand) and allow the fabric to dry before pressing it well.

gather your sewing tools and tomorrow we can get cutting and sewing!

you will need...
your fabrics
your template
a cutting mat
rotary cutter
pencil (or something to mark your fabric with)
fabric scissors
trim, to cover your seams (optional) and the outside of the skirt (optional)
9mm bias tape maker (if you are making your own seam covering strips)
karisma glue pen (optional)
sewing machine, thread and a fresh needle
1m of a narrow ribbon (for the ties on your skirt)

part 3 of the tutorial is here

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