Sunday, 16 December 2012

christmas tree skirt - tutorial - part 1 (making the template)

photos of the skirt are here

time to make the template that you will need for your Christmas tree skirt (or you can use a 30degree wedge ruler)

you will need:
cutting mat or a large square ruler (with 30 degree lines marked on it)
template plastic (see tip)
permanent marker (to mark your template)
large plate

tip... i use cheap flexible plastic cutting mats from a local discount store instead of template plastic
** firstly you will need to measure how big you want your Christmas tree skirt to be - i used my large cutting ruler to measure from the centre of the tree trunk to the end of the legs, which gave me a measurement of 10", i added a bit extra and decided on a 14" because i wanted the skirt to be a generous size
** now we need to make the 30degree wedge template - if you look at your cutting mat (or large square ruler) you will see that it has 30 degree lines marked on it, these are the lines that we will use to make our template.  they are the 2 diagonal lines that lead away from the corner of the mat/ruler (ignore the central line that goes from corner to corner)

** place your template plastic on top of the cutting mat (or under the ruler) and transfer the 30degree lines onto the plastic
** use your marker to place a mark on the lines at the size you would like your skirt to be (in my case it was 14").

** trim an unused edge of the plastic and tape it to the top of your template (or simply add a second piece of template plastic), this will give you enough room to cut a curve at the top of your template (sorry about the sideways photo, blogger is playing games with me)
** add 1/4" seam allowance on each on the outside of your 30degree lines

** use the plate to mark a curve at the top of your template (line the edges of the plate up with the marks that you made earlier).  add a 1/4" seam allowance to the curve. 
** trim the tip off your wedge (approx. 1/2" up from the point) to allow room for the trunk of your Christmas tree

** cut out the rest of your template out and it is ready to use

christmas tree skirt - tutorial - part 2 can be found here

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  1. Viki, Thank you for sharing this with us. Good job on the tutorial. I will be making one of these in the future. Loved learning to make the template too. I also get those cheap cutting mats. Never thought to use them for template plastic but why not? Great idea!!
    Lisa in Georgia


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