Thursday, 15 April 2010

More sewing at my place

Aren't they CUTE!

This is clue 1 in a mystery quilt that was on Nancy-Roses' blog before she move to a new provider. Sadly the mystery isn't available anymore and I am VERY glad that I saved it!

I've got 2 matching charm packs, some tan scraps and a bit of calico set aside to finish this quilt. I know what the finished quilt looks like but I am still going to sew it in the same order as the mystery instructions.


  1. your colors are great, I got permission for my quilting group to follow the mystery, we did it a couple of weeks behind her posts. What wonderful quilts we came up with. I don't want to give away the mystery but one of the blocks is one I would have never done if I hadn't been tricked into it (just kidding) It is funny how different our quilts all turned out. Not all my group is into scrappy but all the finished pieces were just wonderful. I am glad to see you are making another one. cw

  2. This looks like its the mystery I did from Nancy Rose. I did mine all blues/creams with the tan accent. Loved how it turned out. I bet yours will be stunning with all those colours :)


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