Sunday, 20 September 2009

I fell off the wagon

Thursday was a LONG day! I finished work at 5.20pm then Mum, Phyllis and I went to a fun "quilter's evening" at my local Spotlight (about an hours drive from my place). The evening went from 6-9pm. There were demonstrations, specials and a lucky door prize.

I fell off the Stashbuster "no buy" wagon, and I fell badly! All of the notions that I bought were half price - and I finally found a pair of quilting gloves that are small enough for me (and they were only $5!). Oh and the LOVELY variegated cottons - I have a weakness for variegated threads and I LOVE using them for quilting.

Then I found the fabrics - and most of them had "orange stickers" - this means that they have been marked down, and when fabric over here costs $12-$26 per meter any discount is a good one!

The cute baby print was $3p/m, it will look great on the back of the next baby quilt that I make.

The next photo is of a lovely "set" of fabric.

It all started when I saw the BEAUTIFUL floral print on the shelf ($5p/m), I took one look at the colors and decided to see what I could find to co-ordinate with it (it has the kind of colors that can be hard to find!); the paisley and red/green/aqua/yellow print are from the same range. This is NOT my normal style of shopping, I have never been the kind of person to buy a heap of prints from the same range!

"No buy" has been great for me this year and it has really forced me to look at my stash (and my mum's stash) and find ways to make my fabrics work for me. Up until now I have limited my purchases to "legal" ones (borders, backing, binding) and have only bought when I couldn't find the right border/backing/binding in my stash.

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