Sunday, 6 September 2009

Look who came to visit

Somebody got a little lonely outside Friday night and they thought that they should come and visit me.... s/he seems to like my kitchen cupboards

I live in a semi-rural area with farm land and a golf course near my house and this is the THIRD time since November, 2008 that I have had a possum inside my house. Mind you I have lived here for 8 years and had NEVER had a possum in the house prior to November, 2008. I don't know why my house is suddenly popular - but I hope it stops soon!

Thankfully my Mum wasn't too cross that I called her at 4.20pm in the morning and she came up to catch the possum.... isn't she BRAVE!!

I was "supervising" and keeping the dogs out of the way.... aren't I a chicken!!

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