Sunday, 27 September 2009

Potato Chip quilt

Here is what I got done today!

I think I got this pattern from someone on Stashbusters (yep, just did a message search and that's where I got the pattern - unfortunately it was posted in the photo section in April 2009 and I cant find it again)

It's made of 8" squares that are surrounded by 2" strips, the blue border is 1.5" and the final border was 2.5" (all sizes are CUT sizes)

Fabric was all from my stash and I did my usual trick of making blocks until I ran out of fabric... there was a TINY sliver of the stripe left and about 1" of the floral left (oh and a few scrappy bits). I have another fabric that co-ordinates but it is a bit thin so I will need to put some iron-on interfacing on it before I can use it..... still debating if I will use it or not!

Wish I had enough of the blue for the binding but I am about 2" short... I am sure that I will find another blue that looks just as nice. This quilt doesn't have a home yet - think I will let it age the the cupboard for a while. And yes this is quilt has VIBRANT colors!


  1. Okay...I belong to stashbusters, and I did a search and didn't find it. Any suggestions?

  2. The quilt at the top of the page has flowere on it are they raw edge cant see them as well. Love your stashbuster quilt pretttttty!

  3. the quilt in my blog header has raw-edge applique flowers on it.
    i made the quilt top with left over pieces from another quilt, but when it was done i thought it was a bit boring so i added the raw-edge applique flowers!


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