Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hope you can help

I am DESPERATELY in need of 1 yard of this fabric!

I have posted a request at Missing Fabrics and at Sewn and I hopeful that someone out there either has this fabric and is willing to trade me or knows where I can purchase this fabric (but they need to be willing to post to Australia)

The little bit of selvedge that I have says "Kaufman" "screen" and "horizons". It has touches of gold in the print

An internet search has been unsuccessful!


  1. I recognised the fabric. It's Horizons by Sherill Kahn manufactured by Kaufmann.
    There were 2 series: Horizon I and II and I don't know from what serie this is.
    But maybe this will make your search a bit easier.

  2. I found a link for the Robert Kaufman website, with pictures of 286 fabrics, if that's any help.

    I hope you find your fabric!

    Best wishes from Dianne B. in England


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