Sunday, 30 August 2009

Here it is...

Here is the quilt (wall hanging) I was working on yesterday, it took me about 30mins to machine sew the binding on this morning...

The pattern was from a magazine, "Patchwork and Stitching" volume 7 number 5 (publisher: Express Publications Pty Ltd)

And here is the label, another salvaged doily that has now been put to good use

And this is the pen that I use to write on the fabric/doily.
It is a LOVELY pen and is just like writing with a regular ball-point pen (not at all like those horrible thick laundry markers) BUT is a fabric pen!! And they are less than AU$3 each


  1. love the label! makes me want to go pull out my old hankies and see what I have. cw

  2. Thanks for the pen info I will look around [England] to see if I can find one, or find someone going to Aussie to bring me one back!
    Happy Room Diana


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