Sunday, 16 August 2009

I've been sewing...

I spent this morning helping to move Mum and Dad's potted plants from their old house to the new one - it was rainy, muddy and wet, so I was VERY glad when we had finished moving the 2 trailer loads (yes TWO small trailer loads of pot plants!)

Once I was home I sat down to join in the mystery quilt at FabricaholicsAnonymous. It feels like ages since I have had a big sewing session.

Hope to have the quilt top together tonight - I have just finished step 14 (of 17)... the finish line is in sight and I am LOVING how the quilt is going so far! I had to unpick one step 'cause I reversed the layout of the block, it is all fixed now and hopefully no more stitch ripping for me.

Will be back with photos when the top is together.

Hmmm already thinking about how I will quilt this - maybe tie it with buttons OR use the stitch on the sewing machine that is used to sew buttons on with.

10.47pm and I will be off to bed soon, I have all of the blocks together (just finished step 16) and will do the final step in the morning... I cant wait to see the top. At the moment it is looking a little busy BUT I bet that once I can stand back a little it will look great!

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