Friday, 7 August 2009

This is me....

I am a "Sunday quilter"... I am pretty busy with work through the week (and some Saturdays) so a little while ago i decided that Sunday was MY day.

I do not make commitments to other people on a Sunday, although I will make occasional exceptions - like my god-son's christening. But mostly Sunday is MINE, ALL MINE; my sanity day to hide out from the world
, relax and stitch (or do what ever I want), to take a leaf out of my cat's book....

I want to m
otivate myself to get more done, and if I want to have an interesting blog I will NEED to get things done!

A little about me:
* I live in a rural town in Victoria, Australia.
* I don't have any children of my own (I am only 32 so there is still time for me to change that!) but I spend 3 days a week looking after other people's children. I also work in retail. I love both jobs and the variety that they bring into my life
* I have 2 dogs and 2 cats - you will probably see quite a few photos of these guys as we go along!
* I have been doing patchwork since 2002 and I now teach patchwork to beginners at a local community organisation. I dabble in doll making and sew the occasional bag too! BUT I have absolutely NO talent or patience for making clothing lol

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